Services. Solutions

The company offers customers a diverse range of services:


1. Transport

  • national and international transport of goods with full trucks (FTL) and groupage (LTL)
  • cross-docking storage services
  • national distribution of goods by affiliation in 2015 to the Pall-Ex Romanian network (national leader in palletized goods distribution)
  • RAR – ITP authorized services and tachograph and speed limitation checks.


2. Logistics Consulting

Tramar trucks are equipped and certified, in order to be able to carry out, in complete safety, the transport of various, general, but also specialized goods: frigorific.
The groupings are organized to provide fair prices and maximum safety for the transported goods, by using the load capacity of the trucks as efficiently as possible.

Because we value professionalism, we ensure total confidentiality on the data of the transported goods because the protection of our customers comes first.

Offering our customers the best services means more than transport at fair prices, choosing the most efficient route, avoiding journeys without a load and optimizing waiting times. Tramar sees in its customers, long-term partners, trying to know each one as well as possible, seeks to identify and to anticipate their specific transport needs, proposing customized solutions that create benefits for both parties. Tramar takes care of every aspect related to the shipment of goods from planning, organizing and monitoring, to the control and delivery of goods to the final destination.

The vehicle fleet has 21 trucks and vans. We can also add the available trucks of our subcontractors.

Most of our fleet complies with EURO 5 pollution regulations.


Fleet view access:
user: tramar
password: client

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