Progressive molds

These are very large series molds, where the semi-finished piece successively advances with a step alongside punches which execute a certain operation. We produce the sheet molds necessary for motors for over 45 years.

Molds for part deburring

These molds are made for deburring the excess material from casted parts. We usually design this type of molds for deburring and automatic demasking(robot), especially for the automotive industry.

Cutting/perforation molds

This type of molds is designed and executed in a large constructive variety.
Their complexity is variable, having simple molds, as well as molds combined with simultaneous action, successive or simultaneous-successive. They are molds dedicated on technology designed parts, corresponding with the client series fabrication size.

Molds for bending and pressing

These are molds which help with the bending and pressing of certain parts.
We make a series of control and measuring devices, mounting, thermoforming for various clients, by our own projects, as well as clients projects.

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