TSP pressure casting dies

Pressure casting is an industrial production process, in which the melted metal is injected at high speeds in a metallic shape, a mold, and then is solidified under pressure. The resulting pieces are technical, with thin walls and a high degree of compaction. We take care of the entire process, from 3D model piece adaptation, 2D &3D dies design, execution, testing, 3D measuring and dimensional homologation. We deliver spare parts, execute reconditioning, we support our partners with specialty background, from the prototype phases. We offer complete traceability of the materials we use, of the thermal treatments and of the execution processes.

Gravitational die casting

Some parts that are not suitable for pressure casting, are molded through the process of static casting (gravitational) in metallic dies. We design and execute static dies, with or without core boxes. These are pieces with thicker walls, a simpler geometry than pressure casting, they are a frequent solution for small series or parts with geometries that allow the extraction from the mold only by using this technology.

Plastic injection molds

The plastic injection molds address all activity areas, resulting in superior quality parts. Injection processing is the technological process in which the plastic metal, brought to a melted state, is introduced under pressure in a mold’s cavity, where the cooling and solidification takes place. It is the most used process, with applicability in all industries. We design this type of molds, completely using standardized elements packages, from the most important producers. The delivery is made with testing, 3D measuring and complete technical mold file.

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