Services. Solutions

Our social and economic environment is constantly changing, and so are the security needs. Our security and protection experts understand this and are developing solutions that meet present requirements. The company currently offers the following types of specialized solutions:


• Security and protection
• Courses
• Consulting


The security and protection services obey the law, with selected staff, trained, tested and guided by professionals. The security staff is constantly trained and verified through theoretical and practical activities.


Electroprecizia Security and Protection S.R.L. covers all safety needs, both for companies and individuals, applying the highest and most rigorous standards in terms of quality, security and innovation, so that our customers feel safe wherever they operate.


We work with the same efficiency in stadiums, in parking lots, shops, parks and leisure areas, kindergartens, schools, factories, offices, industrial halls, warehouses, construction sites, public or banking institutions, practically wherever we are needed, being a reliable partner for any customer who uses our services.

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