ELECTROPRECIZIA A.G, founded in 2009, is part of the Electroprecizia S.A. group of companies, and is accredited for the following types of activities:


  • Design and execution of electrical networks within the National Energy System (SEN) with voltages between 0.4kV ÷ 400 kV;
  • Design and execution of transformer substations and electrical stations related to SEN in the 20kV ÷ 400 kV range;
  • Execution of electrical installations for airfield lighting system;
  • Design and execution of interior electrical installations for civil and industrial constructions;
  • Design and execution of electrical installations for street lighting;
  • Coexistence studies of electrical networks in the range of 0.4-400 kV;
  • Solution studies and integrated projects for obtaining Technical Approvals for Connection (TAC);
  • Construction works (civil, industrial and of public interest).


In our day to day activity, we constantly seek the trust of our clients, partners, employees and shareholders, by anticipating, learning and consolidating the future of the company in the medium and long term.


Thus, we are fully dedicated to everything we do and share a common ambition with our customers by offering them the best value for money for the work performed.


The successful approach of some difficult projects, with a short implementation time, financial sustainability and team expertise, created the foundation of long-term partnerships with the most important operators on the profile market and led to the capitalization of our brand at regional level.

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