Mission, Vision

The mission of Electroprecizia is to consolidate the organizational structure of Investment Holding and to fulfill the two strategic objectives:

Development as an investment company, aiming at creating an attractive portfolio of participations, through the efficient use of own resources, harmonization of the activity of subsidiary entities and optimization of own and attracted investment resources;

Development of the Electroprecizia Industrial Park project, aiming at the efficient use of real estate assets, by orienting the synergies towards the realization of four areas: an industrial one, a service one, a residential one, and a social one.

We have ethical, honest and fair, incorruptible behavior, with consistent, measurable honorable actions that contribute to the successful achievement of our goals.

We have a professional conscience: we keep our promises, we say what we cannot do, we are trustworthy and we act seriously, we do not tolerate lies, we do not take on the work of others. We are 100% committed to achieving results. We prioritize and plan. We substantiate business arguments and decisions. We accept open feedback.

We conscientiously fulfill our responsibilities and we are responsible for our actions. We recognize when we are wrong and strive to correct it. We have the strength of character and the maturity to take responsibility for the actions taken, whether the result is favorable or not. We act responsibly towards our shareholders, including the community we belong to.

We communicate honestly and openly, we get involved in the team’s activities, we look for solutions, we create a pleasant collaboration environment. We have a positive attitude and we avoid conflicts. We pay attention to those around us and respect their point of view. We actively listen to all opinions. We share our knowledge and experience with team members.

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