Electroprecizia is a socially responsible company, which is actively involved in the life of the community of which it is part and contributes to the development of the community. We are a company that pays attention to the environment, its customers and suppliers, as well as their employees and families.

The group of companies Electroprecizia is involved in multiple projects and social programs, the main directions are: education, culture, environment, local projects, helping people in difficult situations.

  • Education: from pupils to students (internship programs with dual high schools, internship programs and help in supporting the bachelor’s thesis for students at the University)
  • Culture: we support cultural events that promote the image of Brașov at national and international level
  • Environment: projects for responsible waste management (cardboard, plastic, etc.)
  • Local projects: we are involved in initiatives aimed at helping the local community in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic: supporting the medical staff of the Sacele hospital. We support the local football team by providing the necessary support, so that the team from Saxon becomes a launching pad for national level athletes, and Precizia continues to be one of the flagship teams in Brașov County
  • Social awareness: 2% program. With a single signature, the employees of the Electroprecizia group of companies exercise their civic spirit and do a good deed by donating 2% of the tax by filling in the 230 forms. Electroprecizia promotes the idea that each employee should use this opportunity to support charities.

Our responsibility to the community is based on the principle that each of us is obliged to invest in the sustainable development of the community in which we live and to carry out projects designed to add value to it.

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